Another of the valuable capabilities of the TrustCentral security ecosystem is its unique ability to authenticate remote identities and associate them digitally unique endpoints (both IoT and other). Dr. David Kravitz (inventor of the Digital Signature* Algorithm – DSA – as well as TrustCentral’s Security Ecosystem) recently authored a soon-to-be-published IEEE paper entitled: “Transaction Immutability and Reputation Traceability: Blockchain as a Platform for Access-controlled IoT and Human Interactivity.” In this paper Dr. Kravitz makes the case for the importance of this datum: “Trusted transactions require trusted provenance (origin)”. Yes, “garbage in, garbage out” can even apply to blockchain. One should consider this: how valuable are records that may not be trustworthy? To achieve trustworthiness, in his IEEE paper Dr. Kravitz relies on technology that he designed for TrustCentral (e.g. an “Inviter-Invitee” protocol and “communication lines” between endpoints). This IEEE paper cites TrustCentral patents and includes five figures from a recently issued TrustCentral patent). One conclusion in the paper is:

“Credible reputation lies at the core of users and devices communicating and transacting successfully . . . [a methodology] that has considerable implications relative to addressing the reputation issue . . . [is] IoT and human interaction that is securely facilitated through use of an ‘Inviter-Invitee’ protocol to set up dedicated maintainable ‘communication lines’”.